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Americas Fuel Fetish

Each Day, America converts EV-List,PSCCO,US DOE,EIA

  360,000,000 gallons of gasoline into
7,500,000,000 lbs carbon dioxide,
  369,000,000 lbs carbon monoxide,
   47,000,000 lbs hydrocarbons,
   24,000,000 lbs nitrogen oxides,
    1,000,000 lbs particulate matter,

7,500,000,000 miles are driven @ 20.83 mpg
for passenger vehicles only, not including the
higher emissions of heavy transport or diesel.
  • 1 Gallon of Gas contains 132x10^6 joules of energy, equivalent to 125,000 BTU, 36.650 kwh(kilo-watt-hours), 31,000 food calories. 360 Billion Gallons is equal to 13 Tera-Watt-Hours of electricity.
  • A 70mpg Hybrid sips 0.52 kwh/mile, the average 20mpg car uses 1.76 kwh/mile and the Hummer H2 Passenger Trucks wastes 3.7 kwh/mile or more.
  • EVs use from 0.2 to 0.6 kwh/mile, that's up to 18 times more efficient. tzero ev-List EV Album
  • If Passanger cars were Electric:
    We would use 77% less power, 7.5 Billion miles at 0.4 kwh/mile is just 3 Tera-Watt-Hours, as compared to 13 TWH.
    We would rely on 360 Million less gallons of gas each day, and eliminate 7.5 Billion lbs of CO2.
  • America currently produces 27.3 Giga-Watts-Hours per day with wind power alone.AWEA


  • Air Quality Forcasts - North West
  • Environmental Regulations are well worth the costs, resulting in significant public health improvements and other benefits to society, Sept. 27 2003.
  • 10 Million Barrels Imported Daily FreedomCar
  • Hydrogen, FuelCells, and Hybrids. No Mention of Electrics Freedom Car
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1994
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