Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Fusion is what happens inside that bright thing seen in the daytime sky. Nuclear Fission is what happens in terrestrial power plants and weapons. Personally, I prefer utilizing the natural Nuclear Fusion resources and do not think we have yet reached the point at which we need to deploy terrestrial nuclear fission power plants, which we do not yet have the ability to create anyway. As it turns out we have yet to truly begin to utilize the vast amounts of nuclear fusion energy available to us from the sun. These take the form of solar photo voltaic, solar thermal, wind, and hydro as they are all near term results of solar energy inputs. Trees, coal, oil, natural gas, as well as other combustibles are also byproducts of direct solar nuclear energy inputs however the time frames of their storage and release varies from annual to millennial as opposed to minutes and days in the case of the for mentioned near term solar resources.

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