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Earth - the planet on which we live that is third in order from the sun. (Webster)

Earth, contrary to popular mis-perception should be considered a closed system. In a closed system changes made to one part of the system will effect all other parts of the system. Nature seems to have a way of balancing all parts of it's systems. Man and his free will may however choose to destroy any given part of these systems, and has. Since we are dependent on our environment for survival, we should do everything within our power to preserve the balance and continued operation of our environments systems. Moreover we should keep in mind that our environment does not depend on us. The Earth is sure to go on with or without us, however I'd prefer it kept us around.

So here we sit on this third rock from the sun from which all available energy originates, Sunlight! Stars like our sun shine down from the heavens, our star lights up our closest neighbor, the moon. The suns radiating light is converted into heat that we feel each sunny day, and miss when it's cloudy or dark. It's warming effects are what produce our weather, it evaporates water creating rain and pushes the winds. In this way the 'sun powers all life on earth, and creates all possible fuels. It's power can be captured directly with PV Solar Panels, indirectly with wind or hydroelectric turbines and motors. Or Very indirectly in the form of fossil fuels.

Plants use this light to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose (form of organic chemical energy) found in fruits and vegetable. We feed on some of this plant life, as do the animals we consume. For as long as they have lived plants have been creating the environment in which we live. The amount of energy fixed by organisms in ecosystems is usually less than 3 % of energy received as sunlight.

When they die they slowly become part of the soil we now farm and eventually turn into carbon and hydrogen chains. These Hydrocarbons such as Methane, Propane, Butane, Gasoline, Diesel, Coal, and Diamonds are of great value for a variety of reasons. A substantial amount of energy has gone into the creating of these Fossil Fuels which we have just recently begun burning excessively for Transportation, at $2 per gallon.

There can be no doubt that our actions may have devastating consequences.

"Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, about 700 biologically classified species have gone extinct." geog.ouc.bc.ca

Given the proper education and knowledge everyone will choose to preserve them self and their environment, Thus Education must be our first priority.

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