Alternate Fuels

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[edit] Internal Combustion

Alternate Fuels such as Propane, Natural Gas, Ethanol, and Bio-Diesel may help pollution and oil dependency.

[edit] Natural Gas

Natural Gas - NG Civic

"To make the GX more appealing to consumers, Honda will sell for $2,000 an appliance that allows owners to fill their tanks with natural gas from their homes."

It's funny that it would be appealing to install a $2,000 NG recharger at your home, but not an electric charger for your EV, hummm. Can you produce your own gas? How about electricity?

[edit] Bio Fuels

Ethanol is a primarily crop based alcohol type fuel that can be burnt in most gassoline engines with little modification. All cars that run on gassoline can burn E10 or 10% ethanol blend. Some cars are factory equipt to run E85 or 85% ethanol blend, sometimes refered to as FlexFuel vehicles.

Bio Diesel is a heavier fuel than Ethanol that can come from crops or recycled oil waste products. Most diesel engines can run bio diesel with little or no modifications.

[edit] Thermal Depolymerization

Thermal Depolymerization or (TDP) is the process of applying heat and pressure to a wide range of compounds such as various types of waste in order to break them down into their constituant compounds. It's essentially similar to the process which produces fossil fuels but on more human timescales.

[edit] Compressed Air

While not strictly a fuel per say, compressed air is more of an energy carrier or energy vector than a fuel. Still it's worth vetting so I'll try to cover some aspects of it here.

I recall having a compressed air toy dune buggy as a child in about 1985, I recently found another at a factory outlet store that I'm thinking someone must have just found. Recently there have been other compressed air toys such as the Air Hog line of model planes.

[edit] Stationary

[edit] MDI Air Car

The MDI air car is the most advanced of such vehicles


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